Renovation of the Edison Gym 

Renovation of the Edison Gym 

Hudson Browning, Staff Writer

Recently I interviewed Principal Munoz about the ongoing construction at the Edison gym, one of the focal points of this community and school is getting a much-needed renovation to all of it. Slated to be finished by June 2022, it will be ready for student and staff use again.  

The completed renovations will bring “athletic training room, student classroom, Athletic Directors office, upgraded locker rooms with varsity team rooms for boys’ and girls’ sports,” said Mr. Munoz. In our interview, he said he was excited to see the construction at the gym stating that “having a new gymnasium is well overdue considering most other high schools already have two gymnasiums.”  

He’s right, seeing as how the Edison gym has not had any renovations or remodels done to it since it was constructed. The new gymnasium Will also be available for sports practices, and competitions. While it is awkward not having access to the gym, for things like sports and school spirit events, it will be worth the wait to have a brand-new gym.  

For all our student drivers don’t worry, student parking will be opened once renovations are finished. And those who check their school email might have noticed there was a recent poll to decide on the colors of the new gym, giving students a quick sneak peek of what is in store.  

Not only that but at the end of the interview, Mr. Munoz hinted that by the end of the gym’s renovations, there will be a lot more coming to the campus, possibly even a new building. But for now, we have a new gym to look forward to.