Edison Footballs first win this Year, Is this Turn Around for the team? 


Daniel Castillo, Staff Writer


Edison Highschool won their first game this year against Dinuba Highschool by 20 points for the final score being 40:20. Edison on 9/24 played Buchanan high school but unfortunately lost 45:14. Other news Edison will be going against sanger high school on 10/1 Junior varsity will also play their first game and varsity will play their first official game on league. 


Edison started this season off to a bad start losing three time before getting its first win against Dinuba. After Edison started to get its groove against Dinuba it quickly got shut down by Buchanan Losing and also not being able to score until the third and final quarter. At the beginning of the game, linemen were able to do good blocking so it gave the quarterback little time to throw the game which led to sacks and incomplete throws. 


Edison is hoping to make a comeback against Sanger in its first league game this year and JV will also have their first game on October 1st. Edison’s defense and offense have been looking pretty rough but will continue to evolve over the span of the last few games. Junior Varsity’s defense and offense has not had a lot of time to prepare for the sanger game on Friday but their learning a lot of different strategies to stop sanger from running the ball and our defensive backs look good this season. Sanger high school also has been running the ball down gaps for the past few years so we have a pretty good understanding of how to block running plays from their offense.