Top 3 “Hidden Gems” in Fresno, California

Restaurant Edition

Top 3 “Hidden Gems” in Fresno, California

Melissa Arvizu and Jada Shorte


 Oftentimes, it can be hard to find authentic food that not only tastes good but fits within your budget. Places and restaurants that are underrated in your town definitely give off a homey feel that only your town can make you feel. Together we put together the top three best-underrated restaurants in Fresno.


Tashiko Ramen and Sushi Bar

This ramen shop/sushi bar has only 88 reviews totaling a 4.4-star overall score. Their prices are pretty decent in exchange for the excellent meals I’ve personally tasted. The Chicken Teriyaki Udon soup was my favorite meal from the restaurant, although I dislike sushi, I did try a dragon roll and actually enjoyed it. The ingredients in these meals taste like fresh, real vegetables and ingredients. The interior of the place itself was very well-kept and clean. The tables and seating were comfortable and there wasn’t a strong reek of seafood. Staff overall were extremely nice and optimistic about us eating there. Their busiest hour in the day is usually at 4 pm and mostly occurs around Fridays, that was the day I visited. It wasn’t jam-packed even though it was their busiest hour, although there were a couple of deliveries being made through GrubHub. All in all, a good place to eat at and would recommend to my friends and family to dine here.


  1. Country Fare Cafe

Country Fare Cafe has a 4.6-star rating and it’s located at 4662 E Belmont Ave. Country Fare is a Mexican restaurant many people wouldn’t choose to try out because of how it looks from the outside. Country Fare is an authentic “hole in the wall” restaurant. The way google describes the food they carry is “Pared-down spot turning out fajitas, tacos & other Mexican standards, plus cocktails & beer.”

Their service is amazing and they have super cheap prices for big portions. Country Fare’s busiest hours are between 11am -12 pm, still at its busiest hours normally there is no wait. Justine Crane says, “Hadn’t been here since just before March 2020, and it is as great as it has ever been. I think the tacos are even better than before. Fast, super friendly, food is great, and compared to other places in town, much cheaper too. Country Fair is a long-time family favorite.”

I personally love this restaurant and think it deserves more recognition 10/10 would recommend trying it out!