Students’ Paychecks 

How Teens Spend Their Hard-Earned Cash


Many teens in high school get part times jobs for various reasons. We were wondering what those reasons are, what they spend their checks on, and what are their main expenses and splurges that their hard-earned cash goes to.

Thanks to a bundle of interviews from various working students we were able to answer those very questions. Most people work on a part-time job during the school year, but when on breaks,  there were some that were able to get a full-time schedule.

The majority of the people we talked to spend their paychecks on things like gas and food. Specifically, James H. (Senior) said he was spending some of his paychecks to go to lunch with his friends after school. While Calvin T. (Senior) says he spends his paychecks on things like clothes and shoes. Mostly they spend this way because it increases their quality of life. That and they don’t have many bills to pay, yet. Only one person has a bill they pay, and it was a phone bill. Unfortunately, all had to spend a large amount of their paycheck on gas. Upwards of 20% of some of their checks.

Finally, the most important thing we needed to know is if they would save, spend, or do a little of both with their money after the necessary bills. The majority said that they were doing a 50/50 split with their check. Where they save half and spend half although some people would spend all of their checks and save their whole check. 

Students fall within many camps when it comes to their paychecks; everyone is in a different situation, but regardless of the situation all these students are hardworking and have earned their money and the ability to spend it as they wish.