Get to Know the S.E. Team in South Admin  

Mckalah Jimenez, Staff Writer

Get to Know the S.E Team in South Admin  

Here at Edison, we have two different administrative offices, one being with all the different principals, nurses, etc., but what about the other one we never really talk about? There is South Admin, where it is the place to go for both academics and for social and emotional support. Yes, we all know about the academic counselors in south admin, but do you know the counselor for restorative practices? Do you know who to turn to when you need certain resources as a foster or transitioning youth? Well, I have had the chance to meet and connect with the Social and Emotional team here at Edison and this is what they had to say.  

Who are you? 

Mrs. Arreola- Mrs. Arreola, Clinical social worker, and case management. 

Mr. Ayers – “Mr. Ayers, restorative practice counselor” 

Mrs. Juarez– “Mrs. Juarez, clinical social worker, and work with Project ACCESS.” 

Ms. Wooley– “Mrs. Wooley, School Psych” 

What do you specialize in? 

Mrs. Arreola-Mental Health counseling on campus 

Mr. Ayers- “Repairing harmed relationships (student to student, student to teacher.) reentries support for those suspended, repairs and mediations; cost and support team” 

Mrs. Juarez- “Mental health counseling, foster youth, and transitional support.” 

Ms. Wooley- “Special Education and Crisis; testing and data for those with Special Educational needs. Crisis reports for suicidal ideations and behavioral support.” 

How can you provide a safe space for students around campus? 

Mrs. Arreola- “We might be the only school in the district to have a separate wing for just the counselors for social and emotional only. Sometimes they do not know which to see on the left or right side of the building. Confidentiality plays as a key component unless stated otherwise. Like you could be talking outside and say “oh, this is strictly confidential” but you are not in a building where it is just you and the other person so that is a good thing about having an office away from other individuals Seeking service as much as they need it.” 

Mr. Ayers- “Being part of r.c. center and advocating for student voices and making sure they are heard, vocalize how they feel and validating them.” 

Mrs. Juarez- “Reassurance of place for guidance (ex. Food, water, advice, etc.) hygiene, backpacks, have them not worry about things I can provide a resource for. Meeting them where they are at helps them keep up and going. Clothing resources, school supplies, and additional support.” 

Ms. Wooley- “Open door policy if the student needs support, friendly and aware of the lack of trust between student and staff. Hope to make the students feel welcome with me,  laugh,  and feel special.” 

What are some things you use to best support students? 

Mrs. Arreola- “I try to have the students leaving feeling a little bit better than how they came in. I would say it is easy to build reports with students that come on maybe because of my background or how I approach things. Helping them identify a coping skill so when they get retriggered throughout the day or week they could utilize that coping skill, even if they must come back again. The only reason behind why the student would come back so soon would be they have not dealt well with it yet.”  

Mr. Ayers- “Voices are heard since it is my purpose of being here. Advocating for students and teaching them how to advocate for themselves.” 

Mrs. Juarez- “Little bit of everything, establish relationships with students and get to know them by asking what their strength and weakness would be and support them, know them as human beings instead of just clients, takes time for the student to trust and open and there is no blame in that. It’s understandable.” 

Ms. Wooley- “Everything!!!! Building self-esteem, especially for young boys. Have more of an impact on them at the end of the day and hope they realize their worth.