Top 5 Teen Party Theme Ideas  

Spring Fling Planning

Jada Shorte, Staff Writer











A masquerade theme is cool because you can wear whatever you want and just get or make a mask to match. It makes you super cute or you can say mysterious pictures. Everyone’s masks will be different according to their own unique style. 

Coachella Theme 

For a Coachella-themed party, you can include fake tattoo stations and teepees. A great variety of music is super important for this. Dream catchers are another type of décor. You’re free to choose your style and dress as crazy as You’d like with lots of jewels. Having a food truck would be great for this.  

Y2K Theme 


This theme is great for teens because you can play lots of music they grew up on. Lots of low-waisted jeans, huge hoop earrings, basketball jerseys, and juicy couture tracksuits. You can take polaroid pictures or edit them to look like polaroid pictures. This party will give a nostalgic feeling and will be lots of fun.  

Pink Party 

This is pretty self-explanatory, everyone wears pink! All the decorations, cake etc. will be pink. You can get creative and add food dye into everything to make it pink. This theme is pretty hit or miss but personally, I love it.  

What are you Wearing?  Theme 

For this party theme, you wear something different than you would usually wear. You can do something like cutting pants and making them into a halter top or top of some sort. You can wear a shirt, a skirt, and much more.  Get creative!