What If?

If Humans Could Fly…

Felix Rodriguez, Staff Writer

What if humans could fly? 


When you were young, you might have always imagined that you could fly like a superhero or have super cool wings. What if we were able to do that, would that make the way that we live totally different? How would it change us as people? Would it be safe in an everyday lifestyle? 

We have seen drones that are able to carry people or jetpacks, but they won’t carry you for long. How would we or other living things be affected if we lived like this? Birds would cease to exist, let’s face it, humans are evil, and birds would only be a nuisance in our lives. Also, other things like dogs, cats, and most other pets wouldn’t understand why we would live like this. 

Living like this can make people think that they are overpowered, or better than others. It can make people think that they can get away with stealing because they’re not on the ground.