Peacemaker: Give Him a Chance 

Cristian Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Show: Peacemaker season 1                                                  

Where to watch: HBO Max 

Rating: TV-MA 

Premiere: January 13, 2022 

Genre: Action-comedy, Superhero 

Christopher Smith aka Peacemaker a character made by Charlton comics (later bought by DC), a pacifist diplomat working as a U.S. envoy for the Geneva arms conference believes he ought to take peace into his own hands even if it meant killing for it. As he says in The Suicide Squad,  “I cherish peace with all my heart no matter how many men, women or children, I have to kill to get it.” 

John Cena plays him as a dumb high school jock, James Gunn chose Peacemaker of all people to get his own show because he is a sad character, an outsider no matter where he goes, filled with toxic masculinity, and horrible childhood. 

In the movie, he is playing with some laughs but later kills Rick Flag on the mission cementing himself as the most hated character of the movie. The show takes place after the events of The Suicide Squad. He is recruited for a mission and along the way you see his origin. He reflects on his actions and has second thoughts about who he kills. Fan-favorite character from the show Vigilante, a wacky, hyperactive but deadly character, but also serves as a reflection of him. Vigilante although a good guy has a record of killing without remorse no matter what crime. 

Another good aspect of the show would be the style, the first minutes of the show have an opening theme song that submits its tone. If you know the creator James Gunn you know he loves music, and his sense of humor is amazing. Although some jokes might be too much, the music on the other hand amazingly filled with 80s hair metal bands like Wig Wam, MÖtley Cruë, Hanoi Rocks, etc. Guaranteed enjoyment from beginning to end is highly recommended to anyone, not just comic book fans and next year you are guaranteed.