Unpopular Opinions about Euphoria

Jada Shorte and Melissa Arvizu

With Euphoria’s finale airing two weeks ago, there’s been a lot of memes, opinions, and theories surfacing around all social media platforms. The show ended off with a number of cliffhangers and the season itself left a lot of people in awe. We have a variety of unpopular opinions on Euphoria that we think plays a big role in the show. (WARNING: This article contains spoilers)

Opinion #1 – Kat Hernandez

Kat played as a best friend and member of Maddy’s group. There are many reasons why I feel strongly about Kat, and after the second season, my opinion grew stronger. I always thought she never really fit in with the group or storyline, her issues aren’t something teenagers typically deal with, besides body insecurities. No teenager really gets themself in a predicament where they’re calling adult men and showing themselves off for their pleasure. I often just didn’t believe this needed to be in the storyline in the first place. She’s a liar and broke up with Ethan Daley in the worst and most awkward way possible. This made me view Kat in a more dislikable way, her faking a brain tumor was really idiotic. The last thing that I disliked about her was the way she dressed and acted in season one after having a mental breakdown, she seemed to have false confidence and tried to make the majority of everything about her. She was fake towards her friend group after that and my opinions on Kat will never change.


Opinion #2 – Nate Jacobs

Many would probably disagree with me about my opinion on Nate as I would say, I actually liked Nate in season 2. Nate showed more of himself in the second season and was nicer than the first. Aside from what he did to Maddy in her room, I personally think Nate had a huge character development throughout the season and had mostly good intentions towards the end of the show. I learned more about why he is the way he is, most of it wasn’t his fault, and more about who and how he was raised. His parents weren’t emotionally available for him, especially his father. I liked Nate’s background story a lot which I think a lot of the youth can relate to some of it. 


Opinion #3 – The Parents in Euphoria

I hadn’t really seen many people talk about the parents and their behaviors in the show which surprised me as the parents were also the main part of the story in Euphoria. The only semi-logical parent was Rue’s mother, Leslie, although she did make a huge mistake that left everyone watching confused. Cassie and Lexi’s mom seemed to be verbally abusive and wasn’t emotionally available when the girls needed her but she was also a good mother at times. The parents of Nate are the primal reason why Nate turned out the way he was and it shocked me to see not many people talk about it. The parents in this show were just highly unrealistic as parents in reality won’t let their kids be out anywhere most of the night and are rarely home. Maddy’s parents were rarely talked about (can’t even remember if they ever showed her parents) but it’s just highly unrealistic for someone at that age to barely be home and are allowed to come home whenever.

Opinion #4 – Leslie (Rue and Gia’s mom) 

I know we already went over the parents but Leslie deserves her own rant. Yes, Rue’s mom has to go through so much, but I think she forgets Gia also goes through this with her. Gia is borderline neglected by Leslie and already has a father that’s passed. SHE NEEDS HER MOM. Leslie needs to begin to make more time for Gia because this is just as hard for her as it is for Rue and her mother. She’s gone through so much at a young age which is her developing stage in her life which will cause future issues if she doesn’t get the help she needs now. I appreciate Ali so much for pointing this out to Leslie and I hope to see her take his advice more next season. Changing topics but why would Leslie flush 10 thousand dollars worth of drugs. She knows Rue didnt have the money to purchase all of that, how dumb would she have to be to flush them. She didn’t think that through and I personally consider that decision one of the dumbest decisions made by anyone this season. I feel Rue will end up overdosing next season due to the stress of keeping away from Laurie. 


Opinion #5 – Maddy 

I honestly love Maddy, she’s definitely one of my favorite characters however, I strongly feel as though she isn’t always held responsible for her actions. In season one she was assaulted by Nate Jacobs, while I understand she was being manipulated and in a vulnerable place that doesn’t excuse what she did. Maddy blamed an innocent person claiming they assaulted her that way Nate didn’t get in trouble for his own doing. The reason behind her actions are explained but they aren’t excused just because she was going through a really tough time. 


Added Conspiracy

As you saw in the last episode Nate went through extreme lengths to get the tape of Jules and Cal. You may notice he seemed to be making amends with Jules, I truly feel that he felt guilty for what he put Jules through in order to protect his father. Nate after getting the tape and giving it to Jules went to see his dad taking a gun, which we all assumed he would likely use to kill Cal. Nate ended up calling the police on his own father but I believe that he brought the gun with him for a reason. After trying to fix or at least apologize for all the problems he caused or participated in, I think Nate Jacobs will kill himself after the police leave with his dad next season.