Songs That Help Get Me through It 


Jordan Jackson, Staff Writer

Music is one of the most important factors in my life. Without it, I would not be able to function properly and life would be a lot harder to deal with. Music is my medicine whenever I feel overwhelmed. It is my life preserver whenever I am gasping for air or desperately needing a break from the deep oceans of my reality. It has never failed to make me feel whole, reconstructing me when I am broken. So, allow me to share some of the most inspirational songs of all time in my opinion.  


Drake – “Western Road Flows” 

Drake is a timeless artist, releasing his first mixtape in 2006. He is an inspirational force in my life because he doesn’t rap about guns, sex, or drugs all the time. He speaks on real issues like poverty, generational trauma, and toxic relationships. The lyrics and beats all speak for themselves in his music. He reminds me a lot of Tupac Shakur, both of them are poetic rappers that speak from the heart and you can tell because what they are speaking on resonates with the individual listening. One of my favorite verses by Drake is “Money can’t buy happiness, Jellee talking truthfully. But I’m happiest when I can buy what I want, get high when I want.” This is powerful to me because even though material things can’t buy happiness completely, we are satisfied with the things we know we worked hard to obtain. For example, a lot of wealthy people get backlash for buying things that make them happy like jewelry and cars.  However what people on the outside don’t understand is people like Drake came from nothing, and now that he is able to have everything. You better believe he is going to enjoy that feeling! 


Bryson Tiller – “Rain On Me (Intro)” 

Bryson Tiller is a game-changer. Whatever he touches, best believe it is going to hit! This song is living proof of that. He has a natural talent for riding a beat all while telling a significant story, now that is multitasking! In this song, he talks about being there emotionally and physically for the person you love. No matter the rain, it is your job to show a person you care if you really do, and I really admire that side of Tiller because he is not afraid to let the world know how he feels. He is my role model and has helped me be more in touch with my emotions over the years. Although, I’m not the only one. Bryson Tiller has a huge fan base, with 7.7 million followers on Instagram and 11.8 monthly listeners on Spotify. He is definitely that guy, don’t sleep on him ever! 

Sza – “Garden (Say It Like Dat)” 

Sza did what needed to be done on this track. She is a lyrical genius who is not afraid to let you know when you are mistreating her. In this song particularly, she speaks on the things we need in relationships or partnerships. Like the need to be vulnerable and open so you won’t leave each other thinking you are not deserving of one another. Her voice is so angelic, and I love her music because it serenades you, almost taking you into another world. “Another world?” you may be saying, yes, I am not being dramatic. Go listen now if you already haven’t.   


Solange – “Cranes In the Sky”  

Solange Knowles is not just the little sister of Beyonce, she is a musical genius in her own right! This song proves that by being so pure and soothing to the ear. She sings about doing things to get over something, but sometimes that does not work. There is still a void that needs filling and Solange displays this message so beautifully. She made heartbreak sound like a silent walk through a botanical garden in the middle of the night. Inspiration for naming the record came from the real estate boom in Miami. Solange stated in an interview back in 2014 “There was a new condo going up every ten feet.” She said “we recorded a lot there as well, and I think we experienced Miami as a place of refuge and peace. We weren’t out there wilin’ out and partying. I remember looking up and seeing all of these cranes in the sky. They were so heavy and such an eyesore, and not what I identified with peace and refuge.” Her creativity is so untouchable! 


Brent Faiyaz – “Deadman Walking”  

Despite its title, the song encourages individuals to face the things they fear. Faiyaz raps about taking a risk and taking chances even though the odds may be against you. Lyrics like “you can do what you wanna, live how you wanna, spend what you wanna, be who you wanna be resonate with people who often feel like outsiders because they live life on the wild side. I don’t know about anyone else, but when I listen to this track, I feel like I lived an entire lifetime with no regrets. This is not a bad thing because regret holds us back from doing the things that make us happy.  


Paramore – “Hard Times” 

Everyone has had their share of hard times; I know I have! Paramore never fails to make you feel energetic in the face of adversity. Their vibe is so lively, and I appreciate how their music makes the heart feel independent. In this song, Paramore speaks on how hard times can make you feel. Lead singer Haley Williams says in the song “Hard times, gonna make you wonder why you even try Hard times, gonna take you down and laugh when you cry These lives and I still don’t know how I even survive Hard times.” That last lyric gets me every time because the real question is, How do we even survive hard times? I guess it all depends on how you carry yourself as a person. Are you an individual who rises to the occasion when you are challenged or do you let life get the best of you?