Music that Matters


Melissa Arvizu, Staff Writer

Over the past year, I’ve listened to a variety of music by various artists and bands, some helped me cope better than others and have made the year easier to deal with. One of my favorite artists, Mac Miller, was and is someone who creates music that anyone can enjoy. He creates music that I can personally resonate with, with relatable lyrics that are matched up with a soothing melody or catchy beat.

Throughout the past year, I dealt with a lot of obstacles, and I felt ultimately alone. Mac’s music helped me realize I’m not alone especially when he would talk about things he has gone through in his music that I was able to understand. Not only does his music connect to me and my issues but it has helped millions across the globe.

The loss of Mac was hard and definitely took a toll on me, till this day I always try to remind others of his legacy and the amazing work he had done when producing his songs. I’ve met plenty of mutuals because of Mac’s music and others that share the enjoyment of listening to him. I think of it as his music bringing others together to help one another. I’ll forever appreciate Mac for the work he’s done, the happiness he brought me and others, and for helping me get through life. It’s difficult to explain my true feelings about his music and without trying to sound repetitive, no other artist has helped me as much as Mac and it’s a perplexing feeling.

I feel grateful to be able to listen to his songs and link a connection between them and me. The night before Miller had passed, he went live on Instagram playing the piano beautifully not knowing it would be his last. I’m lucky to have once witnessed Mac wander this Earth and to have been there in his last moments, it’s something I will always feel appreciative for.