Late Night Vibes


Terrance McComas, Staff Writer

(I suggest you shouldn’t play any of these in class due to content)

This short playlist is a collection of songs I listen to that I vibe with late at night.

First, NBA YoungBoy’s song “Superbowl” is one of the best. His melody and the vibe he gives out and the creative lyrics make it a top song. In the song, he describes his baby -mamas and that he is basically in feelings saying, “My last did me dirty, left me stuck with my .30/Fell in love with this fashion spent a check in a hurry.” The flow is amazing. 

Another song that I also listen to is a vibe is NBA YoungBoy’s d”Drawing Symbols.” The song talks about his life and how hard it was. It is also a motivation song that helps me focus, and it’s like it tells me to keep going. 

My favorite song that I listen to right now is from DDG called “Hood Melody ft. NBA YoungBoy.”  The reason why this is my favorite song is that lyrically it is basically describing how it is to grow up without anything and have to earn everything.  The life of growing up in the ‘hood and what the world is outside of killing each other and hating each other.  It is a song of inspiration and survival.

Polo G- “Epidemic” is powerful. Polo G says, “I’m so sick of farewells and rips.” He is tired of the black community killing each other off and he is trying to inspire us to try in life, to do things differently. 

Another song I would like to put on this list is “No Cap” by Vaccine because it is very much like the other songs.  One of the lyrics he uses in the song, “Raindrops, they say keep enemies close, but I can’t hang with Opps I’m the real definition of a falling star” is very meaningful. He’s saying that you can’t keep anyone close at all and the only person you should rely on and trust yourself and no one else. 

The reason I picked these songs is because of the lyrics and the flow. At night time these songs are a vibe, and they hit different. These are why they are on my list because of how much the songs mean to me and how much I listen to them. The flow and the lyrics are just amazing.