Exhaustion/Peace Playlist


Alfredo Delgado, Staff Writer



“Homeroom” directly uses words that describe exhaustion, “You are tired of your body loan so, slow down now, is this all alright?” Detailing being tired as it is always there. Ending with, “slow down now, down now”maybe to signal the listener to lay down and recover from their respective work or life problems. The song makes the point that we need to unwind but it is all right to be tired too.  The sound and pace of the song feel like it is to be listened to while moving slowly and without haste as you would be when you are exhausted. But it will be okay. 

“Jeune”-ruby haunt 

Fading into the song, “Jeune” already sets the bpm, low. The lyrics sing, “In the slow songs fading out, it took you so long to figure it out” to set up a sad, indie/shoegaze feel to it. “Every problem is over now” is repeated setting the tone for the rest of the song. When you’re down and out, you probably are strung out from figuring something out if not from just daily life. Also it speaks to the fact most people are always trying to figure something out. All that problem-solving results in tiredness and therefore exhaustion mood.  

“Happiness” -Starry Cat 

Strong lyrics lead this song, “I did my hair in the mirror; I’m going to be someone new.” All the effort the character is putting in. That effort to be someone new would be draining and more draining would be becoming something new for someone that left. As This album was a project for a fellow band member the artist was in, he dedicated this whole album to raise money for treatment for them as they were battling cancer. Losing someone in the end with all the effort put in to help would be more than exhausting. The soft notes and easy beat show the signs of someone who is at the end. 

“Inside Out”- Duster 

The images associated with this song would be dragging feet and slow from the sound of it without the lyrics. With the lyrics, I would say the same thing but also some nervous panic when doing something. The sounds of this song come off as exhausted and tired. 

 “Annie Blue”- Launder 

This song is faster than the rest of the songs mentioned but it still feels the same as the other ones. The message of forever having to pick someone or something back up it keeps coming back and falling down. I would imagine that to be really tiring putting up with that. Having a back and forth.