Paying for the Party?

The Reality of Coachella


Princess Palomares, Staff Writer

Coachella, the big music festival event, draws many people from California and beyond into the desert for two long weekends each spring. There are concerts going on all day, food booths, interactive displays and attractions, and areas to relax and cool down. The tickets for this event always sell out quickly and have always been very expensive. Lately, people are beginning to think they are overpriced. Top-tier talent during this three-day party is not cheap nor all that it seems to be.  People just see what’s selected to put on social media: the bright colors, smiley faces, poses, and concert videos, but they don’t see the reality of what people experience being here.




One attendee has an insider perspective and explained the reality in this article: 

One thing she exposes is that there are water refill stations, but they are hard to access. They are hard to find and took them about an hour’s walk to get to them. Also, the on-site food is overpriced and not even decent-tasting. Lines for the most basic items are extremely long and tiring. You can’t guarantee if during this time it will be scorching hot or fresh with a breeze. While this source was from 2019, the same website for more feedback from this year’s Coachella shows that things have not changed much.    

The festival scene is not for everyone, but some people love it despite all the challenges. Just be aware that your ticket price is not giving you a VIP situation, expect lots of dust, dirt, and difficulties to vibe with your favorite artists.