Prom Prep

Melissa Arvizu, Staff Writer

As prom lurks around the corner for all of the class of ‘22, many have put off dress shopping till the last remaining 2 or 1 week to get their prom attire together. I know that like me, there are still many girls struggling to find a good shop around the Fresno area that’s affordable and comfortable for long hours of dancing. Here are four stores both online and in-person that are great, affordable, and easily attainable just in time for prom on April 29th! 


Store 1 – Fashion Nova                                                           

Fashion Nova is an online website that sells a variety of clothing such as their most popular item, denim jeans. They also have beautiful dresses that range in different colors, designs, and forms. They fit contrastingly on small and big bodies, they always look good on either or! They have quick delivery ranging from 4 business days being the longest (standard shipping) and one business day (rush shipping). Dresses at Fashion Nova are fairly priced and not as expensive as professional dress places, although depending on your pick of style and color prices vary.  


Shop 2 – Sugar Sugar        

Kristie Leyba


Sugar Sugar is an amazing store, it’s actually where I purchased my prom dress during spring break. Their dress can seem a little pricy, but you must think about how a prom is a one-time event, and you’d want to go all out for it. My dress was around $220 but prices will vary depending on the size of the dress you’re getting and its design. The more design with sparkles, gems, glitter, and length, the more prices will rise on certain dresses. They have a varied set of dresses that come in 3-4 different colors with their biggest size running up to XXL, I believe.  

Shop 3 – Amazon                                           

Amazon has low prices for dresses that can range from $80 and up, their choices to pick from are mainly plain and not so outgoing, so it’s good for a classy prom or even just for yourself. With prime, your dress can come in 2 days or even the next business day after it was ordered. They also have a variety of accessories and heels if a dress is not what you’re looking for on Amazon. 


Shop 4 – Windsor  

Windsor is known for having beautiful dresses and low prices. Their prices range from $37 to $80 or higher. I’ve had friends recently buy prom dresses from this place, they’ve had a nice time shopping and said the employees were extremely helpful and caring during their visit. This shop is located at Fashion Fair Mall and is hard to miss! 

I hope this list has helped; I know I could’ve used a list like this when shopping for dresses. It can be difficult to look for something flattering yet inexpensive and with good customer service. These places or websites are the best for when you’re unsure what to wear and are in need of a last-minute dress/outfit. There are plenty of other shops out there and you should definitely explore and look around to see which fits you personally!