Spring Break Recap

Carlos Cortes Manzo, Staff Writer

Spring 2022 was a fun time for most people. There was a lot to do this week we had off. Mask mandates were lifted and this seemed like a time without the shadow of COVID hanging over us. 

One thing that was important to this “vacation” for many people was Easter. A day that many people spent with their families finding eggs and eating different types of foods while listening to music that makes you just want to dance. Easter was one of the more important parts of the week for some.  but there was more to do also. With time off from school, there was more time to focus on things of interest. Going out with family or friends was something that many people did, and I can say I did personally. When you have so much time for yourself, you get opportunities to hang out with people and you also get time to focus on yourself.

One activity that I did frequently during the break was exercise and work. I went out and rode bikes. Also, I spent more time relaxing by watching new movies.

Another thing that you could’ve done during spring break was a visit to the beach or to a lake.  Traveling is popular with people during spring break; sadly, I didn’t get to travel, but many people did decide to travel to beaches in San Francisco, Pismo, or other areas. Not everyone ended up at the beach, others even went out of town to visit family or just to see more of the world. Another thing there was to do during spring break was go to concerts, you could’ve gone to listen to your favorite artists at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival which included performances by Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, Lil’ Baby, and others.