7 on 7 Spring Ball


Daniel Castillo, Staff Writer

 Edison v. Sunnyside 

On April 21, Edison played its first scrimmage of the 2022-23 season. A 7 on 7 is a football game usually played outside of the team’s league. There are only 7 people allowed on each team instead of the usual 11 people. There are also different rules in 7 on 7’s since there are no linemen to protect the quarterback and the game is played without pads, so instead of tackle football it’s just tagging. 

The coaches at Edison and Sunnyside have a good relationship, so they set up these two scrimmages to help both teams improve on their offense and defense. 7 on 7 games are a good way to help improve both teams instead of them playing against themselves where one side might have an advantage. This helps both teams improve while also putting no one at risk of getting a concussion since this game is played with just shorts and shirts instead of helmets and pads where people get tackled.   

These 7 on 7’s are public; everyone shows up. These games are not for the school to make money, it’s all about the two teams improving before the actual season starts in about five months. Most students show up to support their friends playing the game and some parents. At the most recent Edison 7 on 7 on April 27th, two college scouts came out to see not just the talent we have at Edison but also at Sunnyside. It has now been a couple of days since this game and a couple of students here at Edison could now say they have received,a D1 from San Jose State University.