Spring Fashions


Kitana Landeros , Staff Writer

The wet months of Spring have arrived and you might be wondering how to adjust your closet. First, you must ask yourself if you are dressing for practicality or to match trends. Spring weather is similar to that of Fall considering the brisk winds and average lows of mid-50s means many of the same accessories and underlayers can be reused; with minimal adjustments needing to be made.  

For example, try replacing your jacket for a trench coat, amplifying a classy look as well as increasing your readiness for a common light sprinkle at any time. 


 Another, common accessory to accent any outfit is the floppy bucket hat. Its main use is not to block the sun like summer caps but can add a pop of color while portraying a rainy day feel. 



When not considering practicality, you may be used to seeing advertisements for fun springtime dresses. Depending on the day it may leave you feeling breezy with goosebumps all over, but they do add the seasonal pattern change to your closet. Leaving the warm fall colors of brown, orange, and ivory as well as the classic leaves and pumpkins. To replace them with the classic “Easter” colors of green, blue, yellow, and pink accompanied with wildflowers. 

Naturally, your wardrobe differs only according to your own preference but such tips can keep you updated with current trends and leave you feeling more comfortable on a daily Spring basis.