The Edison Open House 

Ross Larios, Staff Writer

The day before Spring Break, April 8th, was the Edison Region Xtravaganza which included food trucks, some clubs and classes showing off their work so far into the school year, and big bounce house set-ups in the field behind the school swimming pool. 

Now of course some of the vendors were offering varieties of food which included tacos, burritos, angry chicks, and some hot dogs. There were beverages served at a separate vendor consisting of horchata and other agua fresca beverages. The bounce house area had an unfortunate incident revolving around a student causing one of the bounce houses to come down. The Folklorico Club went onto the amphitheater and put on a spectacular performance. 

However, the point of the open house wasn’t to capture the students and their families alone. No, it was also meant to be a nice public event for the people who lived near the area to come down and enjoy the atmosphere with the food and displays of work,  plus the bounce house for the children. Also, there was face paint!

But let’s get into some of the more interesting discussions had with random people:

“Sir, what made you and your family come down here and want to see what was transpiring?” 

“Well, I heard one of my friend’s kids talking about their school having this fair event and wanted to bring my wife and kids and enjoy it, get the family out the house and have a really good time.” 

“Hello there what is this booth about?” 

“This booth is meant for the kids and students to have their faces painted going around goofing about you know.” 

“May I ask why you stayed after school and what you’re most interested in while here so far? 

“My friend told me that this fair thingy was happening today, and I had like no idea that this was happening, so I was like well might as well come and so far, the food has been the biggest delight so far.” 

So, I was able to find some rather fun conversations with people each having their own reasons for attending the open house. It was fun spending some time with family, friends, and staff attending most of the events going on.