Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness 

Cristian Gonzalez, Staff Writer


Stephan Strange has had quite the journey from becoming a Sorcerer in his first movie, having a little appearance in Thor: Ragnarök. Infinity War was his first big appearance in the universe and helped the Avengers to stop Thanos, well they didn’t stop him until Avengers: Endgame. He came back, helping in the final battle signaled to Iron man that he would have to sacrifice himself for the Avengers to win. The latest appearance he had was in Spider-Man: No Way Home where he tried to help Peter Park with a spell, and this led to the multiverse being a significant factor in his new movie. 

Doctor Strange 2, since it was first announced, had the promise of being Marvel’s first horror movie after watching Marvel made good on its promise. Don’t let the PG-13 rating tell you otherwise this is the scariest and bloodiest Marvel project. Characters are killed in the craziest ways! The imagery and camera movement are great thanks to Director Sam Raimi style from his work on the Evil Dead series and his other horror movies. You are in for big, surprising characters, with only a few words to describe it,” In the Multiverse anything is possible.”  

It doesn’t detract from this movie’s story. We see Doctor Strange living a relatively normal life, but something is off he’s longing for someone, and this film decides to have him go on this character arc of letting people help in his last appearances he’s person who does everything by himself and we meet other Doctor Stranges who are the same. He meets the young girl America Chavez who is being hunted by dark forces for her powers to travel in the Multiverse. It is only when he comes to terms with the memory of his past that he becomes Doctor Strange more used to in the comics where he’s not this person that has to do everything by himself. Those of us who watched WandaVision you know that she became the Scarlet Witch, met by Strange with much disagreement as she wants to use this chance of the multiverses being open to get her child back. The villain of the film gives an amazing performance and is the main source of the scares in this movie but really has a very tragic story in it. Anyone who loves Marvel and wants to see a darker movie in this universe go watch it.