iMentor: Taking Mentoring to the Next Level 

Leadership Profile

Matthew Pitcher (left) and Michael Fung (right) lead the iMentor program for this year and next year.

images provided by Matthew and Michael

Matthew Pitcher (left) and Michael Fung (right) lead the iMentor program for this year and next year.

Mckalah Jimenez, Staff Writer

Here at Edison High, we love to show that we care about our future tigers around the Edison Region. How do we do it, you may ask? We have different clubs and classes that surround Mental health and one of those groups is iMentor. iMentor is run by Michael Fung, senior and it was his idea to start this amazing club.  


This first interview is done with Michael Fung, who gives us an inside scoop about his greatest accomplishment and how he feels about his creation. 

Mckalah: Could you please say your name, grade, and which school you mentor at? 

<Michael: “Sure, my name is Michael Fung – Senior at Edison! Gaston Middle school and Baird middle!” 

Mckalah: What has it been like being part of iMentor? 

<Michael: “As the founder of iMentor it has been my mission and privilege to create an environment full of energy towards our mission of social emotional help, empowerment and transitioning them into high school. 

It has truly been one of my greatest feats in my 18 years but my favorite part of all of this is seeing kids not much older smile as they see progress in any way. We as mentors just facilitate but when they take off and run with advice- it makes us as mentors smile. The other greatest part about iMentor are the mentors themselves, applied and motivated my peers are truly a different breed. Having them come from diverse backgrounds and specialize in certain topics- watching them flourish in social environments while captivating and encouraging their mentees is special. They are special people working to create a special community.” 

Mckalah: Were there any obstacles you had to face when you were part of iMentor?  

<Michael:Obstacles: Yes! Having participation of course with schools was a big one- however once one student sees what we do and how different we are, they all come at once lol! The other obstacle was Covid- switching from in person to online. However due to my resilient board we turned this obstacle into a strength. During this online period, we added 30+ mentors, two new school sites, endorsements from FUSD (adoption) and over 30+ mentees.” 


Mckalah: Do you have a favorite lesson you were able to teach to the mentees this year or in the previous year? 

<Michael: “My favorite lesson is either the 4 year plan no matter where you are going if it is college, trade school, or JC- having a plan and getting in the habit to have a plan not just winging it especially for kids who struggle – I find motivated and very fulfilling for us as well. It gives the kids a chance to look at their mentors and work with them and makes them ask questions on our own 4-year plan! My other is on mental health and the advocacy and importance of it as we move forward. Giving them skills and tips to help deal with scenarios where it is prevalent, but they just do not know.” 


Mckalah: How has your mental health been lately?  

<Michael: “My mental health lately has been great. Sad due to 20 days (about 3 weeks) and counting for senior year, but reflection on how much I have been able to accomplish and the peers and memories I have been able to do it with really is special in and outside of school. That is why I think it has been amazing lately.” 


Mckalah: Is there anything that helps your mental health? (Coping skills, activities, etc.) 

<Michael: “Oooo yes great question. This may be weird but for me, for my mental health, it is helping someone or seeing someone else succeed. Of course, I have my own proud moments but being able to inflict a change or converse with someone to help them with whatever they got going on gives me self fulfilment. that is a big one, if that is not clicking, baseball/the baseball field is a place where I let all anxieties go and focus on one of my true loves in this world. Additionally, cooking is similar and clears my mind while just listening to music either by myself or with some friends gives me tranquility.” 


I also had the opportunity to interview another member of iMentor and their experience. His name is Matthew Pitcher, and he is second in charge of the group.  

Mckalah: Could you please introduce yourself?  

<Matthew: Sure, my name is Matthew Pitcher, I am a sophomore and I mentor at Edison and Gaston Middle school.  

Mckalah: What has it been like being part of imentor?  

<Matthew: Being a part of iMentor has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Going to schools such as Gaston and Baird and interacting with the students there; acting as someone they can look up to yet relate with is something few people get to experience. 

Mckalah: Were there any obstacles that you had to face when you were part of iMentor? 

<Matthew: Yes, of course. I remember one time going to school and the lesson for the day was a one-on-one mentor to mentee day (this is where the two just talk about an issue affecting your community and to reassure there is someone there for the mentee or just to talk and catch up) and I just could not get my mentee to focus on me, for their eyes were just glued to their phone. I asked repeatedly and respectfully to put their phone down and talk, and after some time, they did. It was an enjoyable day to just listen to what had been going on in their life. Don’t journeys with hardship give in return the best results? Something to consider.  

Mckalah: Do you have a favorite lesson you were able to teach to your mentee? 

<Matthew: One of my favorite lessons that I was fortunate enough to help lead was the informational day about our school, Edison! We had an awesome Kahoot made by a fellow mentor and the Gastonites (my nickname for the Gaston students) were super interested and engaged! Just an all-around productive day.  

Mckalah: How has your mental health been lately?  

<Matthew: My mental health has been great! Check back in with me next week during my AP (ADVANCED PLACEMENT) week though, Haha. 

Mckalah: Is there anything that helps your mental health? (Coping skills, activities, etc.) 

<Matthew: Some of my favorite mental health stress relievers include going on walks with my dog, Cali, listening to my favorite Taylor Swift music (yes, I am a Swiftie) or doing something productive around the house like laundry. Super obscure… I know. 

Mckalah: Would you consider doing mentoring in the future?  

<Matthew: I would 100% love to mentor in the future. No matter if it is in my future career or at the college I attend, mentoring has been one of the great joys of my life.  

Mckalah: Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns? 

<Matthew: Yes, Edison Journalism is the best!!!! Go tigers!  


Well, you heard it right folks, iMentor cares a lot and is ready to give back to their community. Thank you for reading this article.