Advice For The Class of 2023 


Jordan Jackson, Staff Writer

I am sure you feel like your junior year is flying by in a blink of an eye. Well, guess what? Senior year will be no different. Prepare yourself for a very busy time filled with many emotions, decisions, and uncertainties. Navigating through the senior year will be a challenge, but hopefully, this story will be great words of advice. 

           The last year of high school will get pricey. Imagine senior pictures, graduation accommodations, yearbooks, formal, college applications, and prom all in one year. You or your parents will feel financially overwhelmed especially when these events are consistent. According to a report by Newark New Jersey Star-Ledger, the average cost of senior year is $5,000. Although mine was just $2,000, I still felt like I was pushing out more massive amounts of money than ever before. Many of these experiences are not mandatory, however, the memories will last forever, and the goal is to have as much fun as you can before graduation. My advice is to start saving now or over the summer. Whenever you get any extra money, save it, because you will need it. I also recommend a part-time job that works with your school schedule. If it was not for my internship and special academic programs, my senior year would not have been as awesome as it was.  

           Get involved within your school and community. Being immersed in where you learn and live is a great part of senior year. Especially when you are trying to appeal to colleges. Do not get me wrong, participating in your school or community should be solely based on good character and advocacy. However, this does not change the fact that being involved will boost your resume for any college or job position. This year I was a part of many programs and organizations. To name a few, I am the Public Relations Coordinator of the Journalism Club, a Black Student Union officer (historian), an NAACP member (Fresno Branch), an intern for council member Miguel Arias of District 3, and a news writer for the first cohort of the Journalist of Color program. These opportunities have helped me explore and expand my interest, molding me into the local advocate I am today.  

           That brings me to my next topic, evolution. Throughout your four years of high school, you will grow. Not just physically but mentally as well. High school starts at age thirteen, so naturally, your behavior or way of thinking will change. Do not be worried about this, change is needed to grow and be better. This may affect the way some people feel about you, but always remember you have to do what is best for yourself. It does not matter what other people think about your transition, all that matters is you are content with it. When I was a freshman, I feared taking a risk and being the center of attention. Now I stand proud in the face of any challenge I am called to do. Hopefully, every high school student that reads this can experience a progressive change like that.  

           Senior year is not a piece of cake. Ever heard of senioritis? This is the affliction of students in their final year who have a sudden decline in motivation or performance. A lot of students think that after they get into college or lock in a job, high school is over. Wrong, it is not over! You must keep going or all the hard work you have achieved will go down the drain. Imagine going to school for years and giving up at the very last minute. That’s like a track athlete giving up at the finish line. Throughout the whole year, it will get tiring and you are going to want to give up. However, once you get near the end you will start getting excited and realize that you do want to graduate. So whatever you do, DO NOT give up! There have been many moments when I wanted to stay home and sleep my stress away, but if I would have did that then I would have been knee-deep in work wondering if I will receive my diploma or get into my dream college. Even if you see other people ditching and skipping class, keep your head high and continue to pursue your education. The hard work will pay off in the end.