Should You Take AP Classes?

Student Opinions

Princess Palomares, Staff Writer

Many students going into high school or choosing their classes up until senior year have this undeceive decision. Should I begin taking these competitive classes? How will they benefit me? Could I handle it? Is it worth the stress? Why take them? Below are the pros and cons to help you choose whether to take them or not. 

         Personally, I have only taken one AP class for the benefit of an award, AP Spanish. Taking this class and passing the test at the end of the year you receive an award that shows you know Spanish well and are considered bilingual. Therefore, you could use it for job applications to get a high chance of receiving that job. Unfortunately, I did not pass but will be retaking the test next year without taking the class again. Quick fact: You can take the AP test without taking the actual class. The class is just for preparation for the test itself.

I’d only take the class if you think about majoring in that field that you need for college. A junior student from Edison thinks similar to my idea he was asked if taking AP classes is worth it or not. He says I think some are and some are not like the Spanish and history ones aren’t worth it, but then there are some (like English) that are worth it as it’ll help you out in making your writing much better in your future classes in college. If you don’t need it for college, I don’t recommend taking in that extra stress, homework, and struggles in high school. Emma,  another junior student at Edison, feels the same as she states, “No, taking AP classes aren’t worth it because they cause stress and can take up all of the student’s time regarding homework and stuff.” 

Also, you only get college credits if you pass the test. 

       Most teachers and staff at Edison will recommend taking these classes because it’s better for you and especially if you’re attending college. Ms. Smith teaches AP English Lit. and Comp. and she states, “AP Literature teaches and allows students to practice the beauty of language in reading and writing. Students learn analyzing skills as well as engage in creative writing. It allows students to build on their literacy skills and sophisticated ways of reading, writing, listening, speaking, and engaging in the bigger conversation that’s happening around literature, books, and their role in our everyday lives.” Which states the main reasons why AP classes are valuable.

Pros: college credits, looks good on college applications, a good challenge, prep for college and career.

Cons: stress, homework, challenging, hard to get out of the class, might receive the college credits, must pass with a C, commitment 

Other Edison student opinions: Is taking AP classes worth it? 

Senior Jordan: “Yeah, I think it is important for the AP students. It is preparation for college, and depending on their score, it is a good look on college applications.” 

Junior Hudson Browning: “Depends on which one. In general, yes. Specific ones, no. It depends on the kids what they want. But if a kids wants to pursue a college education. it is probably a good choice. Don’t push yourself too far, take what you like or can handle. Don’t be afraid to tell the counselors for a change if you decide it isn’t a good fit.”

Junior Nicole: “It’s worth it, but it’s very stressful.”

Freshman Kitana: “AP HUG is worth it to prepare you for other AP classes. It is good to slowly ease into AP classes, but there should be more offered before junior year dumps them all on you.”

Junior Marlen:” Overall, if you’re trying to get ahead on college credits then yeah,  but other than that they really shouldn’t be a priority.”