Summer Cash Grab

Jobs to Get This Summer, Ages 16+ 


Dani Gonzales, Staff Writer

During summer vacation, you have endless opportunities with what to do with your time. You can do a summer sport, join a dance team, go to the gym daily or get a job. I know that’s what my summer goal will be: finding a job. I’m nervous because this would be my first time working but being nervous or anxious is normal. Although it might be scary at first, you’ll realize that it will be worth it as time goes on. Once you start seeing the numbers in your bank account rise, you’ll be happy that you decided to get a job.  

I had a meeting with my school counselor, and I mentioned I had wanted to get a job this summer. Since I’m only 16, she gave me a work permit that both she and my employer will have to sign once I get the job. Some other things you need to get a job at 16 are school records such as contact information, past employment if any, your birth certificate, driver’s license or ID, and your social security card. By doing a little research, I found 5 jobs that you might consider applying for. They’re places that contain fast food or indoor amusement and entertainment centers.  

First off, Raising Canes; you must be at least 16 years old; you can make $15 an hour or more, it’s full time and they offer paid time off. You would be working as a cashier and experience isn’t required. Read more and apply here:,CA?jid=a2a5a3a882192222&utm_campaign=google_jobs_apply&utm_source=google_jobs_apply&utm_medium=organic 

Another fast-food place that’s hiring is Chipotle. You would be considered one of their team members and they offer both full-time and part-time. You can also get paid time off and you must be 16 years or older. I couldn’t find the average pay but to read more about the requirements for this job or to apply click here: 

If you feel like you don’t want to steer towards the fast-food path and want to try something more fun and entertaining, Chuck E. Cheese is looking for new employees. There are multiple positions that they’re looking for, but this job is specifically called a Party Host. You can decide between full-time or part-time and the average pay is $15- $15.81 an hour. In this job, you would interact with the guests the most but if that sounds like something you won’t be interested in then you can read more about other positions they’re offering and apply here: 

Another entertainment center that might be fun to work at is Johns Incredible Pizza. They’re also offering multiple positions such as a party host or even the dish and kitchen prep. Their hourly pay starting at the front of the house is $13, the back of the house is $14, and the dish/prep area is $15. However, you can get a $500 bonus after 6 months of employment 😊 Apply here: 

The final place looking for more employees is No Surrender, which is where I’m considering working. There are 2 separate locations that are hiring: Fresno and Clovis. The Fresno location contains trampolines, an arcade, and an “adult” area. The Clovis location is primarily for children because they only allow kids 14 and under on the trampolines but they have an arcade as well. The difference between the two locations is that Clovis has laser tag while Fresno has the adult area called “The Hideout.” There are multiple positions being offered and you can make $13-$14 an hour. For more information click here: