Summer Entertainment Preview

Alfredo Delgado, Staff Writer

Summer is coming and these are some of the pieces of movies and shows that are coming out for summer entertainment. There is a lot to look at, including things I did not mention, which of course is not possible because it is too long.  


  • “Bob’s Burgers: The Movie” May 27 coming in theatres, the belcher family comes to the big screen for the iconic series of Bob’s burgers.   


  • “Top Gun: Maverick” May 27 releasing in theatres, over 30 years later a sequel for a loved 1986 “Top Gun.”Tom Cruise returns to feel speed again and lot of jets and fast-paced action  


  • “Jurassic World: Dominion” June 10 comes to theatres continuing the story of Jurassic World where it left off familiar iconic faces return for old fans of Jurassic Park and a good bit of fan service. Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neil, and Laura Dern return to the Jurassic franchise. 


  • “Lightyear” June 17 in Theatres shows what buzz lightyear from toy story’s universe is about if it was real and he wasn’t just a toy. Buzz lightyears film. 


  • “Thor: Love and Thunder”  July 8 Thor returns to theatres to bring the hammer down again with Guardians of the Galaxy members and seeks a new sense of purpose. A marvel movie right after doctor Strange’s multiverse movie. 


  • “Nope” July 20 follows “Get Out” and “Us” these phenomenally successful and innovative films  by director Jordan Peele. This time wa new out-of-the-box movie that looks like a silent, horror/thriller movie. I do not know what to expect, except that it will be good. 


  • “The Gray Man” July 22 Ryan Gosling is the most skilled CIA mercenary and gets caught up in the dark agency’s secrets and gets a target on his head from a former college international assassin. 


  • “Bullet Train” July 29 from the director of ensemble action john wick returns with a comedic action movie. Where an assassin is hired to retrieve a briefcase on a bullet train that goes from Tokyo to Kyoto. 

Upcoming and Recent Television and Steaming Shows


  • “Obi-Wan Kenobi” streams on Disney+ and premieres on May 25th with two episodes on day one to make up for its pushback from May 4th its planned and wanted release day as its Star Wars Day. The space wizard, Jedi master returns to the hot, sandy planet of Tatooine for the events before the first Star Wars film. 
  • “Stranger Things” starts Season 4 on Netflix with Part One coming out May 27th after three years of hiatus much-awaited return heads back to Indiana Hawkins and will most logically be the next biggest part in the show and return a character who is stuck in Russian hands. “Stranger Things”  Season 4-Part Two concludes the fourth season and contains five of the super-sized bigger than ever episodes starting July 1st. Prep for big displays of motion.
  • “The Boys” (Season 3):  June 3rd returns on Amazon prime with a three-episode premiere and continues the bloody grittiness of the previous seasons that made its success. A show about superheroes when they are not putting on a persona and the real kind of world it would be. 
  • “Better Call Saul” (Season 6 Part 2) on AMC continues its momentum with the success of maintaining its breaking bad success and being an excellent show. It will leave you engaged the whole way. A lawyer caught up in a crime with the cartel. 
  • “Resident Evil” on  Netflix continues with its Resident Evil production this time returning with a live-action approach to a series instead of the usual animated approach. Taking place in New Racoon City 14 years after the initial global virus. Starts July 14.