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Summer Jobs


Nicole Wong, Staff Writer

As summer is approaching, many of us would like to find a job to have little savings in our pockets. It may be hard to find one as others around us are also having the same thoughts. It can also be hard as we have certain preferences: some may wish to avoid retail stores, some wish to do anything but food-related jobs, go for a specific brand/store, and so on; yet the jobs available for us may not meet these requirements. We may also not have the time to go to a variety of stores to question the workers, whether the store is hiring or not. 

First, we got a couple of Edison High Juniors who have had working experience, providing some ideas and recommendations when we consider what jobs we apply to. 

Catherine Gutierrez 

“I would recommend working in retail, being a waiter at a restaurant or having your own small business, working in a bakery. I wouldn’t recommend working with fast food or having a job cleaning public restrooms/park.” 

Autumn Lee 

“Places to work 


– Intern at a clinic (hard right now because of covid though) 

– Teachers academy 

Anywhere else: 

– Target 

– Walmart 

– Ulta 

– Sephora 

– Coldstone Creamery 

– Jamba juice 

– Blackbeard’s 

– Boba pub 

– Bakeries 

– Supermarkets (trader joe’s, whole foods, Savemart, R-N market) 


– any fast food place (too stuffy and chaotic environment) 

– goodwill/thrift stores (have to rummage through clothing and sometimes have to color-code every section) 

– waitress/water (based off of tips and have to deal with rude people)” 

With the fast advanced technologies, we have today, we have multiple ways of applying for jobs but the chances of getting in are different. It is said by many that going to the place you’re interested in working in, in person, will provide you a greater chance in getting accepted. This is because, through an application, it is harder for employers to see the type of worker they will be dealing with, and with the numerous applicants, your resume may be expired/not gotten to in time. Surely, it is still likely you can get accepted through online application, but it is recommended to come to visit the place in person. This helps the employers and yourself to check out the people or environment you may deal with. 

These are some helpful websites you can visit to see open available jobs in your area: –