Summer Fun Activities 

Hudson Browning , Staff Writer


With the end of school fast approaching, this means, for a lot of students, an increased amount of free time and a decrease in the number of things to do. So, with all of this newfound freedom, a lot of kids can find themselves bored over the summer without anything to do to keep them active as the summer goes on. 

Without a job or summer schools, the days can seem empty, that’s why it’s important to have activities that you can do, especially for those with younger siblings who need to be kept occupied. There are thousands if not millions of online arts and crafts tutorials along with many DIY projects that you can do around yourself. A classic is to make a periscope, or something that I spent countless hours practicing was how to make all different kinds of paper airplanes to annoy my sister with. 

If you want more active endeavors over the summer some of the best ones are riding a bike/ skateboard. Being active during the summer is very important. As nice as it is to sit in air conditioning all day it’s just as important to head out and enjoy the sun. Another fun activity that’s great to do with a group of friends so you can all keep in touch during the summer is camping. While not everyone’s first choice can be a rewarding experience and great times with good friends. 

The important part of summer is to be active so reach out to friends and family and talk to them about getting together and doing something together, whether just for an hour or for an entire weekend, or just for yourself to have fun this summer.