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Savanna Perales, Staff Writer

As we get closer to summer, needing to change from clothes suitable for winter to clothes suitable for summer is a must. Summer clothing could consist of many pieces of clothing. So, what clothes are best to wear during the summer? Where can you get summer clothing? What are the price ranges for summer clothing?  

The best clothes to wear during summer can change based on the occasion or the activities you will be doing throughout the day. For swimming activities, swimsuits, shorts, tank tops, and tee shirts. For most other activities, shorts, tee shirts, tank tops, and crop tops are recommended. These clothing items can get pricey sometimes, but it can depend on where you go shopping and what your favorite style is.  

   Hollister has classic shorts, 90’s fit shorts, curvy shorts, and lounge shorts. They also have different colors, lengths, sizes, and styles for people to choose from. American Eagle has more styles to pick from, such as low rise, high waisted, 90’s, mom, baggy, short, and midi. Pacsun has athletic shorts, lounge shorts, biker shorts, and denim shorts. Pacsun also has different lengths, styles, and colors for people to choose from. Target has different short styles, with different colors and lengths. Finally, Aeropostale has a large section of shorts, consisting of denim shorts and biker shorts.   

       Aeropostale and Hollister have a lot of plain colored crop tops and tank tops. Hollister has more crotchets and corsets than Aeropostale. Both stores also have tee shirts, but Hollister’s tee shirts can be more form-fitting. American Eagle has multiple styles of tank tops, and crop tops, these styles can be flowy, form-fitting, and off the shoulder. American Eagle creates more basic tees and there is not much to choose from. Target and Pacsun on the other hand, have better tee shirts. They both have shirts with bands, shows, or brands on them. The tee shirts are not as basic as some of the other stores and look great overall. Pacsun does have more options when looking at crop tops and tank tops, while Target does not have many options.  


           Hollister and Aeropostale somewhat have many of the same stuff, but you will be able to find cheaper clothing at Aeropostale. Hollister has more options for shirts and shorts in some ways but overall, the price of Aeropostale is cheaper. Hollisters shirts can be around $20-30 while Aeropostale is usually $5-15. American Eagle’s shirt options can be cheap based on what you are buying but American Eagle’s denim is more expensive and can be around $40-60. Target for graphic tee shirts can be very good depending on what you like, and they are also cheap compared to other stores. Pacsun is more in the middle when it comes to prices for cropped tops and tank tops, they usually cost around $20 but they can be more or less. Pacsun has more tee shirts, but they are pricier, they can be around $30 but they can be worth it sometimes.