Summertime Funtime 


Carlos Cortes Manzo, Staff Writer


As the summer heat begins to take a toll on us, we are tempted by the Ice-cream; pools; sunscreen; beaches; it is evident that summer is coming. The temperatures are rising and the excitement for the school year to end is a feeling that is unforgettable. As students are getting ready to leave this school year behind and start the next one, they are also preparing to have a fun time during the summer. But what is there to do during this summer of 2022? This is a question many people are wondering. That’s because there is so much to do during summer that it is important to start planning now. So, in order to have an amazing summer experience here are 3 activities you could be doing with friends, family, or by yourself.  

  • Swimming – Swimming is a staple of summer. And there are many ways to go swimming, whether you have a pool in your backyard or if you’re swimming in a public one. If you were looking to buy a pool for the summer here is one with great reviews and an affordable price for the value. INTEX 28201EH 10ft x 30in Metal Frame Pool with Cartridge Filter Pump. The reason Swimming is so fun is because of the games you could play like Marco Polo, Chicken fight, and more. And never be afraid to buy some noodles for your new pool and have a fun time taking laps around the pool. 
  • Travel – During summer you will have more time to see parts of the world. Going to beaches, cities, or mountains. Traveling truly lets you learn more about the world and could clear your mind. Summer is the perfect time to travel, here are some beautiful locations you can visit during the summer: Pismo beach, Santa Cruz, Yosemite Falls, Alcatraz Island, Sequia National Park, Lassen Volcanic National Park, Bixby Creek Bridge, Tunnel View, and more. Simply going to admire the views and take pictures or to hike, there is always something to do at these locations. Beaches are filled with activities so whether you are swimming or playing volleyball, you will always be having fun. And beaches such as Santa Cruz have amusement rides such as rollercoasters and Ferris wheels.  
  • Concerts – Going to listen to your favorite artists must be one of the most exciting activities you could do this summer. Music holds so much meaning to the life of people around the world and so being able to finally listen to that music live is an experience you will remember forever. This summer many different artists will perform at Festivals around the United States but Cal. One festival in California is, The Hard Summer Music Festival in San Bernandino California, which is a three-day event with performances from Lil Uzi Vert, Megan the Stallion, Gunna, Ski Mask the Slump God, and more. Tickets are on sale now and in can be purchased at 
  • Honorable mentions – Amusement Parks, Summer jobs, new movies, hitting the gym, water gun fights, making foods and snacks, etc.  


Many students here at Edison High School have a variety of plans for this summer but here are some goals that students here have in mind: 

What do you plan on doing this summer? 

Maria Lara (Junior): “I plan on spending as much time as I can with my family and traveling. I’d love to go to whatever beaches I can and go out of town. But mostly being able to hang out with friends and family in any way is going to be the highlight of my summer.”  

What is the one summer activity you really want to do?  

Landon Emler (Junior): “I want to go swimming. Ever since it started to get hotter and hotter, I have wanted to go swimming, but I never really had time, but now that summer is coming that gives me the opportunity to invite some friends over to swim and to have a good time.”  

Any goals for the summer? 

Franscico Reyes (Junior): “To practice my skills in soccer, I will have so much more time to be able to be at the park and practice. That’s my main goal right now but I also want to get my driver’s license during the summer since right now I only have my permit.”