Summer Fun Options


Do you know what time of year it is? It is Summer which means going to the beach, summer school, summer jobs, waterparks, etc. The main thing to focus on this summer is 3 things work, summer school, and having fun. What I am focusing on is a summer job. I went around our school, and I interviewed people and asked them “how are they going to have fun this summer?” Or “What are they going to do this summer?”. Some people responded with they are going to see families from other states and countries. Some others said they are going to go to water parks and lakes with family and friends.

Most people like going to water parks and some other people like going out to lakes.  The lakes are more spacious and you get to find nice spots to go swimming and not too many people in your section. Water parks are fun too and have different things to do all around and have different activities to keep you occupied. Water parks are fun to go to when you are trying to go out with friends and have a good time. Lakes are fun to go out with your friends or with family. You can play volleyball or football to entertain yourselves and also have fun playing in the water. At the lake, there is more freedom.

Water parks have all the different activities, including the water slides and wave pool but again, it can be really crowded. There are multiple places all over the world to have water fun activities but, always remember that at any of these places you need to pay attention at all times and be careful. People drowned everywhere and anywhere even with lifeguards around. You can still have fun and pay extra attention making sure you know how to swim and keep calm if you are drowning. If you are drowning, I suggest you try and keep your head up and try and breathe normally, if something is weighing you down try and toss it away from you, try and attract attention towards you by splashing water maybe shouting.

Swimming pools

  • Edison High School
  • McLane High School
  • Sunnyside High School
  • Roosevelt High School

Water parks

  • Figured loop park
  • Inspiration Park
  • Island Waterpark
  • Black beard’s
  • Wild Water Adventure Park (temporarily closed)


  • Millerton Lake
  • Woodward Lake
  • Shaver Lake
  • Lost Lake
  • Bass Lake
  • Avocado Lake
  • Winton Lake
  • Pine Flat Lake
  • Choinumni Park

Summer Jobs

The most important thing for me to do over the summer is a summer job.  

A summer job helps you save money for things like college, car, house, bills etc. The reason I prefer to work over summer is because it is easier to work without having to go to school. The only downside is having to work more hours since you don’t have to go to school. But other than that, a summer job is amazing for saving up and getting money. Spending Time is another good thing to do over summer because you can spend way more time with your family and friends since there is no school. You will also be able to fly out to places and have vacations. Family time is always a good time to spend your summer. Sports are also a good way to spend your summer. 


Sports over the summer like Basketball and football. You can practice for the next season. What practicing sports over the summer does is help improve your skill so like next season you will be better than you were last season and improve your skills on and off the field and the court. Doing this will help you improve your sports a lot, therefore I prefer all the sports players to do this.