As Application Season Opens Students Begin to Feel the Squeeze

College application season brings stressful confusion to students who may not know what do do next.


Lucine La Porta, Staff Writer

As we seniors enter our last year of high school we have a whole checklist to finish. Not only are we taking a full load of classes we are also writing applications, filling out financial aid, and trying to enjoy our last months with friends and family. What our family forgets about or what we fail to see is how much stress we have trying to balance school and college. How do we deal with the stress of college applications and still balance our school work? How are our own Edison councilors here to support us along the way?

It is important to remember that we are not doing this alone. Talk to your friends about your applications and what you are writing. Include family members in the decisions you are making about schools and applications. The more we close ourselves off and deal with our emotions internally the worse the stress becomes. Talk to others who have done the application process and gone to college.

Even on campus we have people to talk to. Our counselors help in our application process, whether it be our FAFSA (federal aid) or creating college accounts. Moreover, the social-emotional team at Edison will help with finding ways to deal with the anxieties and emotions we are feeling. It is important to take advantage of the resources Edison provides for us.

Sometimes to deal with the stress and overwhelming aspects of school and college, we need to take a break. Whether it be hanging out with friends, watching a movie, going to the gym, or taking a nap distraction can be good. Staring at a screen for long periods of time is not the most productive way to work. It is worth it to take time and take care of ourselves mentally which in turn will make our own work and focus better. As stressful as college can be it is important to realize all the opportunities there are for help on and off campus. 

Another way to prevent stress is to make a plan:

  • Research colleges that may be interested in 
  • Look at programs and scholarship applications
  • Know what colleges you want to apply to and where those applications are.
  • Create your UC account to access UC applications
  • Create a Common App account for private colleges
  • Make a CSU account for California state public schools
  • Look and see what schools are not on a platform and see how to access their application.