Edison Volleyball Rolls into Victory

Edison’s girls volleyball started their season off with a victory against Sunnyside.


Kaylee Roberts, Staff Writer

When you walk into the gym and see these girls on the floor practicing hitting a ball, you may think of it as just a game or an extra activity, but to these girls, it’s a way of life.  Everyone on that court has a separate life that volleyball affects. 

The new season of volleyball kicked off a few weeks ago and every day the gym has been full of girls practicing.  The practice paid off in Edison’s first game against Sanger that saw the Tigers take home the win. The next game is on September 20, 2022, at Bullard. When watching the next expect to see hard work and lots of support.

The first win of the season was Sunnyside with scores in the first set 25-19, the second set 27-25, and the final set 25-22.