Working out Work Permits in 2022

The all around guide to getting a work permit for Edison students.


Somnong Tuy , Staff Writer

Are you looking to buy new, stylish clothing? With upcoming collabs with various clothing brands, students may need extra money to be able to afford it all. At Edison High School the steps to getting a work permit are relatively easy. Work permits in California are all obtained the same way, schools are just a way to get them. However, to get a work permit many things must be considered before you can be accepted for one.

What is a work permit?

          A work permit is what an underage student needs to get a job. Work permits are the only way for a student to legally get a job and be paid. Work permits also help the state make sure that students aren’t being underpaid. Work permits only allow students from ages 14-15 to work 3 hours a day on school days and 8 hours on a non-school days. While students that are 16–17-year-old can work 4 hours a day on school days. However, students are still given a bar that they cannot cross with work hours. Students 14-15 may only work 18 hours a week while students 16-17 years old may work 48 hours a week. Though it is unlikely that a 12–13-year-old will be allowed to work, they are only allowed 2 hours per day and 4 hours per week.

How to get your work permit:

            There are three major standards that students must meet to get a work permit. The first standard is attendance, students with more than 6 unexcused absences or 36 “tardies” will receive a probationary work permit. This means that with subsequent violations the student will have their work permit taken away. The next standard for getting your work permit is grading. Students with less than a 2.0 GPA will also be placed on probation. If grades do not get better then their work permit will be revoked. Finally, the last expected standard is citizenship. Suspension, expulsion, or conduct referrals will result in probation. As you may have guessed, with continued misconduct the work permit will be revoked.