Opinion Column – School Fights

Edison has seen a rash of fights in the last few months, the atmosphere of the school has been negatively impacted and students should work to be part of the solution.


Irene Coria, Staff Writer

Edison High School has had many fights this year so far. When fights between two students occur some bystanders even jump in causing a bigger mess and even more dangerous injuries. Students may bleed from injuries and be out of school for days. Others may record the fights and share the videos on social media, but that just further creates a culture of worry and fear. The fights are a big problem for not only the staff but the students of the school.

Edison’s fights cause us, who follow rules, to suffer in many ways:

  • We lose the freedom and trust of the school staff and administrators, causing them to question us and do things like close bathrooms and not let kids go out of school to do things that shouldn’t be a big deal. 
  • We may not get the privileges we used to have. For example, they had to tape off the amp stage because students were fighting and crowding around there. This is an issue due to needing the amp for performances or skits.  
  • The fights cause a disruption to our learning. Students come late to class due to trying to record fights or simply standing around trying to watch them and the atmosphere of the classroom changes dramatically when a fight is going to happen. 

The fights have gotten out of control at this point. We, as students, need to stand together to solve our problems with words. The school even provides us with counselors and advisors to help us work through problems in a way that isn’t going to get us kicked out of school. Something needs to change, and that change should start with us.