Lights of Edison – Frida Suarez

Lights of Edison - Frida Suarez

Anisa Meraz, Staff Writer

There are many seniors this year at Edison High School who are very excited to graduate, but there are also juniors who will be graduating early. Frida Suarez is one of those juniors who will be finishing a year early. Frida had to do extra classes during summer school like doing senior classes for extra credit which is a lot of work.

Should every high schooler think about graduating early?

High schoolers should think about graduating early if they know or have an idea of what career or lifestyle they want to have. Not many students know what they want to do after high school so they would rather stay all four years because those students want to experience all that they can in high school.

What are some Pros of graduating early?

There can be many pros and cons to graduating early. Some pros are starting adulthood and getting a job. Some students may have a little business and want to make it big and sometimes handling school and a job can be hard. Another big benefit of early graduation is starting college early or if you want to earn some money for your tuition or supplies from college you have an extra year to do so.

What are some cons of graduating early?

Early graduation can be super fun and exciting but there are also some cons to it. One big con for most students is they must go through more work than ever because they must take extra courses and a grade level higher to earn full credit for their junior and senior years. Another con of early graduation is missing milestones of your senior year like being a leader, missing senior prom, senior sports, and so much more academics during your last year. It also slows down your social life because you do a lot of work during your junior year, and then your friends are still finishing school when you are done.

Why did you decide to graduate early?

I decided to graduate early because I wanted to start my career early.

Is it hard doing senior courses in your junior year to graduate early?

It was not hard for me to do senior courses my junior year because for me it’s basically the same as doing any other class.

Are you excited that you are graduating a year early?

Yes, I am excited to graduate a year early.

What are your plans after graduation?

My plan after graduation is to go to college.

What sports did you join for your last years at Edison and which sport is your favorite?

I did girls’ volleyball and softball. My favorite sport was volleyball because I really enjoyed it!