A Place of Peace, the Case for Student Movement

Students should be free to study and learn outside the confines of classrooms.


Lucine La Porta, Staff Writer

Entering campus on Monday, January 30th something felt different on the Edison campus. The quad, normally full of loitering people, is now full of gray tables. For students this means more areas to eat lunch at and new spots to work outside during class. During school, we move from class to class spending most of our day indoors. Our days look pretty much the same week after week. The addition of more new tables can offer students a new place to do their work. From just a break from being inside the class to our mental health, there are countless benefits to being outside. 

We are at school for more than 6 hours a day and it is hard not to feel drained and tired. Being outside for just part of a class period can help with the depression that we feel during the day. Spending time outside during the day can also help restore our mental capabilities, making us more prepared to learn and increasing our attention and focus. Moreover, sitting outside can be a much-needed break from the crowded classrooms and give some needed fresh air. These new tables can give you space away from the people in your class who can be distracting, allowing you to focus on your work. In our classrooms, we spend so much time looking at our phones or in weirdly lit rooms. Natural sunlight is beneficial for getting vitamin D and staying healthy. 

Teachers on Edison’s campus should allow students to work outside during times of independent work. Students may be more motivated to do work and feel more productive when they are able to work outside with a classmate or at their own table. Our staff should be trying as many ways as possible to help students learn and this might be one of them. Most classes located in the R wing, W building, or S building have tables right outside their doors. Students can also take the initiative to ask teachers if they can work outside as well. Edison has been provided with these tables and students should use them to not only enhance performance in the classroom but care for their mental health.