15-Minute Bathroom Cruel?

15-Minute Bathroom Cruel?

Valeria Carrillo, Staff Writer

The 15-minute bathroom rule enforced here at Edison High is sparking a debate. This rule is one we should all be familiar with as it’s heavily enforced in each one of our classes. In case you aren’t familiar with it, the 15-minute bathroom rule states students cannot use the bathroom within the first and last 15 minutes of class.  

The effectiveness of this rule is up for debate as some students both agree and disagree with it. When asked if the rule was effective Kitana Landeros (10) replies, “No because 36 minutes you can’t go to the bathroom is unreasonable.”

In an opposing view Daniel Torres (11) says, “Yes, it is it keeps students from getting out of class and notifies teachers a lot easier about absences.”  

The California Code, Education Code – EDC 35292.5(2) claims that schools shall keep all restrooms open during school hours when pupils are not in classes and shall keep enough restrooms open during school hours when pupils are in classes. When asked if our bathroom rule went against the code, Alfredo Delgado (11) says that the time they require us to wait is too minor to go against the code. In response to this question, Junior Keophovangphet says that it does go against the code.  

There is also a big argument that has to do with the health of students. Is this rule a health issue? Our school nurse Mrs. Coronado says “For students in this age group, it is not uncommon or problematic to hold their urine for that amount of time, unless they have a history of bladder issues, such as urinary tract infections, etc.” As an adult at this school, I continued to ask if she had any concerns regarding our restroom situation to which she replied, “My only concern would be, do we have enough bathrooms open to accommodate a large number of students here at Edison and the cleanliness of the bathrooms.” 

Lastly, I asked our Plant Supervisor Daniel Hernandez questions regarding this rule. One of his statements regarding the 15-minute rule was “I’m for and against it in some ways because there are some kids that choose to use the bathroom when it’s not so packed, I get it for privacy reasons.” He continued with “But on the flip side there are also those kids who ignore the rules which kill it for everyone else.”  

In conclusion, there is no firm stance on the opinion regarding the 15-minute bathroom rule. Some are firmly against it while others are not. The answer to whether it’s effective or not definitely varies from person to person.