Closing of 2021-22 school Year 


Cristian Gonzalez, Staff Writer

As the school year ends and with that comes the last thoughts of our seniors. Most want to get it over with, and it’s very understandable to see it’s their last few days before they can head home and just have 2 or so months of break.

Gabriel Guajardo, a senior here at Edison describes his final year here as exhausting. He made the most of his senior year going out to prom, open house night etc. Seniors wanted to do as much as possible to feel they made the most out of it. Asking outside of Edison, Lily Garica attended CART and didn’t get much of her Senior year, but is looking forward to college and has no worries about the future.

Now we ask how the other students are feeling about moving up in grades and seniors leaving? 

We look to the Sophomores and Juniors changing a grade, a lot of them are going to miss the seniors but they also prepare with the responsibility of moving up. Some like Tirsa Ellis, junior, want to take part in more events and get more involved with clubs like Drama (which highly encourage people to do) and Asian Club which is amazing for their performance at rallies. Another junior, Kiara Sanchez, knows that the work is going to get harder and wants to be prepared, next year planning to be more proactive and cut down on procrastination.

Then we have the sophomore such as Zoë Caeton; she had freshman year online, felt that they flaked out a bit this year, but wants to have a true high school experience for junior year.

What can be said is Freshmen move forward, sophomores prepare for what junior year has in store for them, and Juniors must get ready for the end. As for seniors, they look back on the memories they have the joy, sadness and all the in-between, looking back this year was amazing. Enjoy high school and for now, we sign off.