Jordan Jackson is currently a junior going to Edison High School. Before his years at Edison, he went to Lincoln Elementary and Gaston Middle school. On campus, his interests are Track and BSU. Outside of school, he likes to watch tv, work out, and go shopping. As for music, he listens to rap, R&B, and old school. Jordan wants to pursue his career in the future as a reporter, newscaster, or sportscaster. To expand his knowledge further, he decided to take Journalism and learn everything he wants to know about or anything that will help him understandHe thinks that people see him as a “tall black man who enjoys basketball”, but in reality, that isn’t the case. One of his favorite memories goes back to 2017 when he was at Six Flags with some of his old friends. Even though the world is experiencing many conflicts nowhe is grateful for being on Earth. His happiness comes from food, family, and God which can explain his reasoning to that. Jordan’s biggest fear is wasting his life and being unsuccessful. If there was somewhere that he’d want to live for the rest of his life, it would be in a big house located by the ocean.  

Jordan Jackson, Writer

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Jordan Jackson